Elettrostart solenoid for diesel engines

Elettrostart solenoid

Diesel engines use the Elettrostart solenoid to control the cam that sends fuel to the injectors. When the motor starts up, the magnetic force loads the spring. The electromagnet remains energized while the motor is turned on. During the stop phase, the electromagnet is no longer energized, and the spring shuts off the flow of fuel.

hose reel irrigation machine

Designing a system with a hose reel irrigation machine

There are several factors to consider when choosing a hose reel irrigation machine These include a plan of the plot showing contour lines, detailing the point where the water intake is located and any obstacles that might prevent the normal movement of the machine. The crop rotation, taking into account the water needs and the average depth of roots.

center Pivot nozzle chart

Center Pivot maintenance in the winter

Pivot maintenance should be performed in the winter, by carrying out a series of checks to make corrections and get the most out of the Pivot system. Center Pivot irrigation systems and linear irrigation systems can reach up to 90-95% efficiency with 85% uniformity (minimum acceptable level before the system needs maintenance or replaced emitters)….