establishing realistic yield goals

Cheap schemes to increase yield

There are some valid production practices that will add dollars to a farmer’s pocket, and they are cheap. In fact, they cost nothing except for the doing. Crop prices are set, and set low. The only way to make money is to bring the cost of production down. Going cheap doesn’t have to be a…

center pivot irrigation maintenance

Regular maintenance

The reasons for maintenance diligence are clear: the longer the center Pivot lasts, the less it costs in real terms; preventing breakdowns and downtime saves money; and a properly maintained Pivot is an efficient Pivot. Irrigation systems aren’t personal, they don’t have a seat like a tractor. As a result, farmers can sometimes overlook the…

main control panel

Safety precautions

Due to recent accidents involving Pivot irrigation machines, we’ve decided to make a post explaining some directions that are usually listed in every Pivot operator’s manual. Many irrigators have received minor tingles while working around electrical irrigation machinery. Under pressure to keep the system running, they tend to ignore warning signs until serious injury occurs….