14.9 24 tirePivot tires

6-8 Ply, tire with tube. We provide 11.2×38, 14.9×24 and 11.2×24 Pivot tires.

Mach II tires

Superior traction: far exceeds rubber tire performance.

Chemical, fertilizer and UV resistant: will not go flat or deteriorate. Less stress on drive train components, and improved tire track.

Price comparable to rubber tires.

SuperTrac tires

The SuperTrac is a 26 ply 16.00 x 20 radial tire mounted on a galvanized wheel. SuperTrac has solved tracking problems in fields for a fraction of the cost of any other available option.

This Pivot tire was designed to decrease the ground pressure by increasing the width of the tread and operating at an extremely low PSI.

Galvanized wheels

center pivot rims

Our wheels are all hot dipped galvanized and incorporate the unique valve stem guard, that protects the valve stem from field debris (it’s standard on our wheels).

We provide 10×38, 10×24 and 8×24 galvanized wheels.

These heavy duty wheels are provided in the standard and Valley style offset.

It is important to specify the offset when ordering.