Durst wheel gearboxesUniversal Durst wheel gearbox

Durst is the first company that produced an enclosed wheel drive gearbox for a pivot irrigation system.


The air expansion chamber is the largest in the industry: 42 cubic inch. Dual input shafts, left and right gearboxes are no longer needed. Threaded ductile iron end cap.

Bull gear with a 25-degree pressure angle. 1045 steel worm shaft, cartridge seals on both the input and output shafts.

One-piece, 2 ¼” high strength ductile iron output shaft.

High strength rib neck carriage bolts and nuts; 13 hole universal mount bolt pattern. Filled with extreme duty gear oil.

  • 52:1 gear ratio, direct replacement for Valley wheel gearboxes
  • 50:1 gear ratio, direct replacement for Lindsay and other systems wheel gearboxes