standard collector ringCollector ring

The span cable should rotate in the Pivot point, otherwise it would wind around it. The device used to avoid this is called collector ring.

This collector ring is an electrical device that carries 600 volts of electricity, and is made of stacked brass rings that are isolated from each other.

Rings are fixed and brushes turn around maintaining a steady flow of electricity, without forcing the cable while the center pivot irrigation system is watering crops in the field.

The span cable is fed from the collector ring through a J-shaped pipe, and it goes down the Pivot leg to the control panel.

A brush assembly with terminal lug (number coded) is required per conductor. Copper brushes are 80% copper and 20% graphite for less resistance.

The base is made of die-cast aluminum. Utilizes a watertight seal to keep moisture away from electrical parts.

Available in different configurations

11, 12 and 13 conductor

4 conductors – 30 amps, 600 volts max, wire size no. 10 AWG
7, 8 or 9 conductors – 15 amps, 600 volts max, wire size no. 16 AWG