fuses for centre pivots


Available in a wide range of sizes, according to Amps, (3, 5, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50) and Volts (500, 600).

It is really important to use the proper fuse size, because they are sized for a specific circuit. This way, there is very little probability of an individual being injured by electrical shock.

The fuse rating is determined by the length of the pivot irrigation equipment and the motors used to power the system.

2-pole and 3-pole fuse holdersFuse holders

Fuse holders are bolted to the main control panel. Fuse holders are ready for fuses 13/32″ in diameter and 1 1/2″ long (2-pole and 3-pole), and for larger FLSR fuses (3-pole).

To find the recommended fuses to ensure maximum system protection, contact us here.