control box micro limit switchTower box micro switches

The alignment of a Pivot system is controlled by a mechanical linkage. This linkage senses the relative position of two adjacent spans and actuates the lever arm attached to a small switch in the tower control box.

When the linkage senses a position that requires a tower movement to mantain proper alignment, 120 VAC is sent through the micro switch to the tower contactor coil. The contactor points close and the motor is energized. The tower moves until the sensing linkage changes the state of the microswitch, which then interrupts the electricity to the contactor. The contactor opens and the motor stops.

End gun shutoff option

When the system has an end gun installed, it might apply water outside the target area. Center Pivots are equipped with a mechanism that avoids this problem.

The actuator plate supports the ramps that turn the end gun on and off at desired locations. Whenever the control box microswitch rides up on the ramps, the end gun is electrically shut off.

The end gun comes back on as the micro switch rides off the micro switch

Stop-in-slot option

When the micro switch mounted in box contacts the stop-in-slot ramp, the center Pivot and pump are shut down.

This can be used to stop the machine in its service lane or other convenient position.

Micro switches