Main pipe for center Pivots and structural items

Pivot swivel assemblyCenter Pivot main pipe and structural components made of high quality steel. Increased wall thickness and completely hot-dip galvanised. Guarantee efficient operation even in the most unfavourable conditions.

Pivot point structure. Riser pipe, swivel, centre structure.
Galvanised span main tubes. High durability, rust and corrosion resistant.
Truss rods. Manufactured in one piece, with heads hot forged, to be as strong as the truss rods themselves, evenly distributing the load.
Truss angle packages. To efficiently distribute the load across the span.
Basebeam, braces and tower legs. Solid and durable.
Pipe tower support. Increase structural stability and absorb the torsional stresses produced by the uneven terrain.

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Center Pivot main pipe

cardan-type span coupling

Cardan-type span couplings

This is a cardan-type coupling system.

A different kind of span coupling, attached via a ring that gives it great strength and allows it to adapt to uneven terrain, both radially and tangentially.

Pivot main pipe with polyethylene interior

Pivot main pipe with polyethylene interiorEffective against corrosive water, acid, alkaline or high concentrations of chlorides or sulphates, and for use with agrochemicals. Successful in the most extreme corrosion conditions.

Main pipe made of hot-dip galvanised steel, internally coated with high density polyethylene effective against the most corrosive water or sewage. Requires no gaskets between flanges.

Threaded connectors with 3/4” polymer threads of high strength in all outputs. Resistant to acid or saline water. Designed for recycled agricultural, industrial and municipal water applications.