center Pivot voltage meterVoltage meters

The voltage meter displays the voltage being delivered to the system in the panel. The meter should read 460 to 505 volts in America, or 360 to 405 volts in the rest of the world, during normal operation.

Some long or high amperage systems may need to be run at 500/400 volts minimum.

It’s not recommended to operate the system if the meter reads below 460 or above 505 volts in America (below 360 or above 405 volts in the rest of the world).

Recommended operating voltage

Operating the center Pivot irrigation system outside these limits could cause damage to the electrical components. 480 volts AC is the recommended operating voltage in America, 380 volts AC in the rest of the world.

Voltmeters for Valley centre pivots

Voltmeters for Zimmatic centre pivots