center pivot sprinkler chart calculation formControl of irrigation water application

Our calculations ensure precise application of water for maximum efficiency and uniformity, which leads to reduced costs and increased production. We take into account each type of crop, soil types and energy costs.

10 reasons to recalculate the sprinkling of a Pivot irrigation system:

1. To add pressure regulators to compensate for pressure changes and to stabilize the flow.
2. To replace the old-fashioned technology in order to improve irrigation efficiency.
3. To improve the distribution uniformity.
4. To operate at lower pressures and to save energy.
5. To increase production per hectare.
6. To adjust the flow to the soil and crops requirements .
7. To change worn sprinklers and nozzles.
8. To minimize operating expenses.
9. To take advantage of local programs which help farms to reduce electricity costs.
10. To reduce runoff and problems in the ruts.

Linear and center pivot sprinkler chart calculation

Download and fill in the data sheet below so we can perform calculations helped by the latest software.

The best calculation will be obtained by filling out the form in the most accurate way. The aim is to reach the desired objectives: maximum uniformity, improve irrigation water use and management, and thus, achieve crop uniformity and increase farming production.

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