mechanical pressure switch

When the pressure reaches the predetermined maximum or minimum value, pressure switches stop or start the pump or center Pivot and open or close a valve.

Pressure switch, CAMS 3-90 PSI. It’s an open switch without enclosure. Barksdale pressure switch is commonly used for monitoring Pivot irrigation systems and booster pumps. It’s installed inside the main control panel and inside booster pump control boxes.

telemecanique pressure switch xmx

Murphy Swichgage pressure switch. Differential pressure gauge 0-7 / 0-10 / 0-14 / 0-20. The starting and stopping of pumps is controlled by this kind of pressure switches.

Telemecanique pressure switch. Different pressure options, (minimum – maximum). Adjustable from 1 to 6 bar and from 2 to 12 bar.

The pressure is adjusted by turning the switch, according to the pressure scale.