parker solenoid valveElectric normally open solenoid valves powered by 120VAC, control the flow of water to the diaphragm of any hydraulic or pressure operated valve.

When denergized the solenoid valve opens, allowing water at line pressure to flow from the filter through soleniod valve, then out of solenoid into the controlled valve and on top of the diaphragm, to keep the valve closed.

When energized the solenoid valve closes, preventing water from flowing to the controlled valve. Pressure on top of the diaphragm is vented to the atmosphere out of solenoid valve.

End gun shutoff option

Water must flow through the solenoid valve to the angle valve, to shut off the end gun. Power (electricity) is required to open the end gun.

Troubleshooting the electric solenoid valve

1. Verify that filter screen is not plugged and that there is good water flow to solenoid.
2. Check fuse to solenoid valve.
3. Check resistance of solenoid coil.
4. Dismantle solenoid valve and clean components.

Parker solenoid valves