Senninger fan spraySenninger fan spray

Low pressure spray (0.7 Bar = 10 PSI), installed at outputs along the spans of the center Pivot, or at the last output for crop irrigation. This part circle spray is sometimes used for keeping water away from wheel tracks.

It’s mounted upright (on top of pipe) or inverted (on a hose drop).

It can also be used in self-propelling machines for other applications: spray water, fertiliser treatments, etc.


Senninger fan sprays feature a 180° spray pattern and have a 3/4” male thread. They’re colour coded to identify each nozzle size.

center pivot low pressure sprinkler

Low pressure sprayheads

Various water distribution plates (grooved, convex, concave, flat, etc). They operate at pressures of only 0.4 Bar (6 PSI), thus saving pumping power, energy requirements and money.


They produce a full circle spray pattern (360º) and have a 3/4″ male thread. A wide range of brass nozzles allows achieving a more uniform application of water.