hose reel irrigation machine

Designing a system with a hose reel irrigation machine

There are several factors to consider when choosing a hose reel irrigation machine These include a plan of the plot showing contour lines, detailing the point where the water intake is located and any obstacles that might prevent the normal movement of the machine. The crop rotation, taking into account the water needs and the average depth of roots.

linear irrigation design

Linear irrigation design

The purpose of this design guide is to acquaint the irrigation designer with some of the unique considerations involved in designing linear irrigation system installations. This guide does not attempt to cover the basic linear irrigation system design considerations such as water quality, crop consumptive use requirements, water management, climate, etc; it is assumed the…

irrigated area

Irrigated acreages

Irrigated acreage, when combined with the crop water needs, form the basis for the system water requirement. Thus, accurate field measurements properly size the center pivot and also help determine the volume of water to be pumped. – Determine the precise field dimensions and draw a scaled field map. Label all dimensions. – Generally, the…