center Pivot nozzle chart

Center Pivot maintenance in the winter

Pivot maintenance should be performed in the winter, by carrying out a series of checks to make corrections and get the most out of the Pivot system. Center Pivot irrigation systems and linear irrigation systems can reach up to 90-95% efficiency with 85% uniformity (minimum acceptable level before the system needs maintenance or replaced emitters)….

mechanized irrigation of trees

Pivot irrigation of trees

More and more farmers worldwide choose high-profile mechanized irrigation systems for tall-growing crops, to ensure the lush growth of citrus and other fruit trees, bananas, nut trees, olive groves, coffee, nursery plants, etc. Pivot irrigation of trees enables the directing of the water, at the wishes of the person in charge of irrigation, either at…

center Pivot irrigation machine

How much does a Pivot machine cost?

The total cost of purchasing a Pivot machine can be defined according to the composition of said machine. To design a Pivot irrigation system, there are some details we need to know: A plan of the land with its elevations, showing the location of the water and electricity supplies. The size and shape of the…