main control panel

Safety precautions

Due to recent accidents involving Pivot irrigation machines, we’ve decided to make a post explaining some directions that are usually listed in every Pivot operator’s manual. Many irrigators have received minor tingles while working around electrical irrigation machinery. Under pressure to keep the system running, they tend to ignore warning signs until serious injury occurs….


Solution to center Pivot wheel rut problems

This product is the proven solution to center-Pivot wheel rut problems, because dramatically increases traction and flotation on difficult heavy soils, and also controls hillside track erosion on sandy soils. Thousands of center Pivot systems throughout the world that in the past were constantly stuck in the mud now run trouble free. The deep wheel…

factors to chemigate

Factors in deciding to chemigate

Some factors should be considered when deciding to chemigate through a center-Pivot irrigation system: soil type, center-Pivot location, topography, drift and runoff potential, machine characteristics, calibration…