runoff under low pressure central Pivot irrigation

Runoff under low pressure center Pivot systems

Reduced low pressure center Pivot irrigation systems can use one-third less energy than their high-pressure counterparts. But they also may increase irrigation water runoff and soil erosion unless properly sited and managed, according to a four-year study by the University of Nebraska. The study concluded that reduced low-pressure center Pivots increase the rate that irrigation…

linear irrigation systems

Linear irrigation system

In this article, we will discuss when and where linear irrigation systems offer more advantages that are not found in other irrigation methods. Here are some typical crop production challenges that are causing growers to choose linear pivot irrigation: Wherever hand move aluminium sprinkler pipe is utilized for germination and/or crop production. Labor costs can be…

lepa irrigation system

Low energy precision application, LEPA

The low energy precision application (LEPA) irrigation concept was developed primarily to allow irrigators in arid and semi-arid areas to maximize the use of their total water resource and significantly increase irrigation efficiencies.