hose reel irrigation machine

Designing a system with a hose reel irrigation machine

There are several factors to consider when choosing a hose reel irrigation machine These include a plan of the plot showing contour lines, detailing the point where the water intake is located and any obstacles that might prevent the normal movement of the machine. The crop rotation, taking into account the water needs and the average depth of roots.

selecting new pivot sprinklers

Pivot sprinklers

Upgrading Pivot sprinklers is a prime way to boost efficiency. Sprinkler technology has evolved significantly over the last few decades, so if older model sprinklers are being used, efficiency might be increased by updating the package. Further, brass sprinklers can wear when used to distribute sandy water, so updating these sprinklers can boost efficiency and…

spray nozzles

Selection of Pivot sprinkler packages (II)

Spray nozzles Directional spray nozzles The best application for this sprinkler package is on sandy soils which will accept the higher application rates or on flat heavy soils which will seal over during the irrigation season if irrigated with a package that produces large droplets. Typically, small droplets reduce compaction of most soils and help…