linear irrigation systems

Linear irrigation system

In this article, we will discuss when and where linear irrigation systems offer more advantages that are not found in other irrigation methods. Here are some typical crop production challenges that are causing growers to choose linear pivot irrigation: Wherever hand move aluminium sprinkler pipe is utilized for germination and/or crop production. Labor costs can be…

booster pump to optimize end gun

End gun / Booster pump

End guns can provide economical and effective irrigation coverage if designed and selected properly. The application under the end gun should be matched as closely as possible to the application under the system. This requires determining the gallonage of water needed for the effective end gun radius desired and selection of the proper end gun…

sprinkler package maintenance

Sprinkler package care

The sprinkler package is one of the most important components on a center Pivot since it must apply the water to the crop uniformly. However, the sprinklers maintenance is often ignored and not checked.