Why irrigate with a center Pivot system or rainger?

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center Pivot systemBy means of center Pivot irrigation systems and raingers, the right amount of water is provided at the right time and evenly supplied.

Center Pivot irrigation or linear irrigation systems vs. flood irrigation

More efficient use of water

A precise, even application of the water is achieved along the furrows, instead of too much water at the start of the furrow and too little at the end. Ç

It enables the time and amount of water applied to be controlled. It also generates less waste water, thus preventing the contamination of the water table and nearby streams.

Less labor expenses and better returns on investment

When irrigating with a linear irrigation or a center Pivot system, everything is automated. One technician can operate up to 25 Pivots.

The long life of a center Pivot system or a rainger saves money. It uses less water and reduces power expenses due to a lesser need for working pressure. It also enables the even, precise, economical application of chemical products and fertilizers.

Center Pivot irrigation or linear irrigation vs. drip irrigation

Installing a subsurface drip irrigation system, a buried drip line over 125 acres, costs 200% more than the center Pivot system. The irrigation performance is similar to that of drip irrigation (95%-97%)

Fewer maintenance problems and labor costs

In comparison with a drip irrigation system, the maintenance of a center Pivot system or a rainger is much simpler. There are no outlet blockages, nor filter maintenance. Rodents, roots and farm machinery will not damage the system.

Greater benefits for the grower and for the environment

Linear irrigation and center Pivot irrigation systems can be operated and monitored remotely. Water may be applied soon after sowing, and may be re-applied as many times as necessary. Besides, it does not mistreat the countryside.

Irrigation of a great variety of crops

These machines can irrigate almost any type of crop, be it food, fibers, animal fodder or horticultural.

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