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traceable span cableTheft of copper cable is on the rise due to global demand and increasing scrap value. Thieves target copper from a variety of sources, including unattended irrigation pivots. Stolen span cable inmediately cuts power to the pivot and scheduled irrigation stops.

This span cable is a traceable, theft deterrent span cable that provides ag dealers and farmers with proof of ownership of their cable:

– Marker tape contains TraceID codes unique to every foot.

– Upon sale, ownership data is entered in an online database accessible to recyclers & law enforcement.

– Bright markings on the outer jacket provide a visual alert for recyclers and thieves that this is ‘that traceable cable‘.

– Recyclers can enter TraceID codes into a database to confirm ownership of suspected stolen cable.

– Law enforcement has physical proof for prosecution.

Who benefits?

  • Dealers and farmers: provides a less costly alternative to video surveillance, spray on tracking, or other alternatives: may also reduce insurance premiums.
  • Recyclers: makes it easier to identify stolen cable and take action.
  • Law enforcement agencies: provides the hard proof needed to prosecute criminals.

How the span cable works?

Step 1

During the manufacturing process, the license code, a serial number unique to every foot, and website URL are printed on a marker tape that is included with the cable assembly.

Step 2

When the reel is ready to ship, the license code, serial numbers, and purchasing information are stored in the database to identify the rightful owner of each foot of cable sold.

The ag dealer repeats this process when he re-sells any length to a farmer so the chain of ownership is complete.

Step 3

The farmer receives and installs the span cable as they would any standard span cable.

Step 4

If the cable is later stolen from a pivot, it will likely turn up at a recycler. The recycler, instantly recognizes the outer jacket, locates the marker tape and enters the license code and serial number into online database to find out the rightful owner.

Step 5

The cable is confirmed not to be the property of the person attempting to recycle it – law enforcement is notified, the thief is prosecuted, and one more criminal is removed from the streets.

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