auto end gun package assemblyMechanical closure unit of the end gun for assembling in the Pivot point. Opens and closes the end gun on the Pivot irrigation system, in different sectors.

Auto end gun kit consists of:

1. Micro switches (overtravel plunger) placed on top of the center pivot under the collector ring; in some models located within a control box. One of these switches can also make the stop-in-slot at a given point.

2. Circular disk where small ramps with bevel are strategically held to drive the operation, through which the switches run when Pivot irrigation systems are working.


Each time the end gun switch raises the ramp, the current stops through the solenoid installed at the end of the system. The solenoid controls a valve that shuts off the flow of water when no current passes through it. The end gun is reopened when the actuator microswitch lowers the ramp.

The end gun stop position is achieved by adjusting the ramp to the circular disk, at the opposite end of the drive. The end gun stop time is set by increasing or shortening the ramp.